Directeur Sportzaken

Directeur Sportzaken

Personal information

Name: Kisoor

First- and middle name: Mitchell Jurven


Contact information

Telephone number: 472872/474508

E-mail address:

Work address: Prins Hendrikstraat 26-28


Work experience

July 2018 – present      Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs

                                     Function: Acting Director of Sports Affairs

                                     Responsibility: the formulation and                      

                                     implementation of Sport policy in general.  


Sept 2015 – July 2018  Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs

                                     Function: Deputy Director Administrative Services

                                     Responsibility: the management of the

                                     Financial and administrative process.


March 2015 – Sept 2015 Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs

                                     Function: Deputy Head of Budget and Subsidy     

                                     Responsibility: assistance in the processes of subsidy applications and grant, preparation and compilation of the annual   budget, spending policy of the ministry and guiding the departmental management on budget as well as accounting  matters.


March 2016 – July 2018  Regional Sport Academy (R.S.A)

                                     Function: Treasurer

                                     Responsibility: accounts management, periodic budget     

                                     composition, presentation of financial reports at the  

                                      end of a certain period (e.g. in the form of an annual  

                                      report or annual accounts), and managing and executing                                                    transactions (receipts and expenses).


Sept 2013 – Sept 2016   V.V. Fortuna

                                     Function: Vice-Chairman

 Responsibility: Assisting the chairman and replacing    

 him in the event of absence, daily management of the  

 team and its members



July 2014 – Dec 2014     Ministry of Labor

 Function: Trainee at the department legal and international relations

 I have studied the collective labor agreements and minimum wages.


Oct 2013 – March 2014  Surinamese Aviation Company N.V.

                                    Function: Trainee at the I.T.M. department

                                    Responsible for inventory management, the

                                    performing monitoring and supervisory tasks, the

                                    quality and safety in flight operations performance by

                                    the relevant department.


Training and courses

2010 – 2014                    FHR School of Business, Management Economy and Law 

                                       (MER), obtained


                                       High school Inholland Suriname, minor; legal institution obtained


2007 – 2009                   Higher General Secondary Education (HAVO), achieved                                                   

2005 – 2007                   Surinamese Pedagogical Institute (SPI), not achieved


2000 – 2004                   More Advanced Primary Education (MULO),

                                       B-direction, achieved


Other Activities            

 Former Vice-chairman of football club Fortuna in

 Saramacca, member of football association S.V.

 Robinhood, former player and member of the main

 class indoor football clubs Z.V. Moksie, Z.V.

 Mengao, and  Z.V. Kabel Boys. Former player of

 the National football senior A-selection of

 Suriname since March-April 2014 till 2017.