Onderdirectoraat Onderzoek, Informatie en Kadervorming (OIK)

Onderdirectoraat Onderzoek, Informatie en Kadervorming (OIK)


Through my education and experiences I have become an independent, hardworking and ambitious individual. I see myself as a person with positive interpersonal skills that with consistent dedication strives for success.

Some personal skills that describe me are:

  • Trilingual: Fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch.
  • Honest, reliable, responsible, caring and trustworthy.
  • Good work ethics.
  • Team oriented.
  • Goal oriented.



  • Cameron University: Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

             Graduated October 2008 in Lawton, Oklahoma- USA

  • Cameron University: Bachelors of Science in Health & Physical Education.

            Emphasis: Sports Management/ Minor: International Languages.

            Graduated May 2006 in Lawton, Oklahoma – USA with Cum Laude

  • Olympic Solidarity: Advance Sport Management course: Program Director

September 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Olympic Solidarity: Olympic Values Education Program: Facilitator

November 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Sport for life International Certificate: Sport for life leader

2016-2017 Paramaribo, Suriname.

Long Term Athlete Development project with the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC), Canada Sport for Life (CS4L), Olympic Solidarity, Suriname Olympic Committee and Canadian Olympic Committee.


  • EXOS Performance Mentorship Phase 1 & 2: Strength & Conditioning Specialist: June 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP):Coach.

Graduate class of 2012. During this course also attended the USTA high performance  Coaching program.


  • High Performance Tennis Coaching Certificate ITF:

 May /June 2010 in Valencia, Spain

  • Coopers Institute: Health Promotion Director Certification Program

             September 2009 in Dallas, Texas


  • YMCA/ American Red Cross

Lawton, Oklahoma

  • Healthy Principles and Strength & Conditioning Certification

             November 2009 in Lawton, Oklahoma

  • Lifeguard , First Aid and CPR for Professional Rescuer Certification

             August 2008 in Oklahoma

  • Tennis Coaching Certificate: Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Zumba Gold Instructor.
  • Microsoft Office: Words, Excel and Power point.



2010- Present:

  • Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs:
  • Currently deputy director at the sub directorate of Research and Planning, Information and Documentation, Education and Training.

While being part of the Ministry I supported different institutions such as Suriname Olympic Committee, Regional Sports Academy and Institute of National Sport Selection (I.N.S), and the Stichting School Sport Federatie Suriname ( SSFS)


Dec 2018: Chef de Mission for the CONSUDE games in Arrequipa , Peru

  • On behalf of the Stichting School Sport Federatie Suriname (SSFS) I was de chef de mission for the delegate of Suriname during the CONSUDE games (south American school competition) in Arrequipa, Peru.

2014 – 2017:

  • Suriname Olympic Committee

- CANOC: Long term Athlete Development project coordinator.

- Program Director for the Advanced Sport Management courses.

- Olympic Education Department coordinator.

- Active board member

- Chef the mission during the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China in 2014.

-Attended the ODESUR Observers Program Brazilian Youth School Games 2014.


January 2012- February 2015:

  • Regional Sports Academy- Academic Department: Program Director:


Responsible for overseeing the educational program, where the efficiency of the team

stimulates the improvement of academic achievements, and effectively implements the

community action strategies.

- Develop policies and guidelines.

- Part of the hiring team for tutors, program personnel and recruitment of students.

- Coordinate all activities of program.

- Manage the daily operations with an administrative staff of 5 people.

- Effectively manage the financial resources.

- Responsible for regular evaluation reports.

- Responsible for implementing fair disciplinary procedures for students, tutors, staff.

- Attend meetings and set up strategies for community development, where sport is used as    a developmental tool.


October 2012- May 2013:

  • International Coaching Enrichment certificate program (ICECP): Project Initiator in Suriname

As a selected national coach that attended the ICECP course, I was responsible in initiating

and implementing a proposed project to the Suriname sports community.

- Wrote a proposed project approved by the Suriname Olympic Committee and by

Suriname Tennis Federation.

- Attended the first 3 modules of the course in: University of Delaware, USTA training

   center in New York and Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

- Presented several team assignments.

- Expanded the coaching Network.

- Presented the Suriname project to various stakeholders.

- Finalized 4th module at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne,



January 2010- January 2012:

  • Institute of National Sport Selection ( I.N.S) : Policy officer assistant.


-Within the ministry of sport and youth affairs in Suriname I was responsible for assisting with the policy making for the Institute of National Sport Selection (I.N.S) and writing projects.


December 2011:

  • Regional Sports Academy: Curriculum Development.

In collaboration with the CARICOM Taskforce and the Suriname Curriculum Development team we brained stormed, selected, developed and evaluated the curriculum for the first course:      “Certificate in Sport Studies”.

- Provided feedback on each discussed subject.

- Developed Course syllabus and course readers in collaboration with tutors.

- Compared research studies on earlier developed curricula.

- Evaluated the pilot phase course in 2012.

- Made curriculum adjustments to improve quality of the course 2013.


March 2010:

  • Staatsolie project: Interpreter /Translator.

-Interpreted and translated the Spanish and Dutch language for Staatsolie staff members and contractors from Spain and Suriname during a project.


March 2010:

  • Junior CHAMBER International(JCI): Interpreter /Translator.

-Interpreted and translated the Spanish and Dutch languages during the visit of the JCI vice

president, Ms.Rodriquez. I translate during several meetings with ministers, directors, JCI

members, press conference and conducted a workshop.


January 2010:

  • CARICOM Heads of Government Youth Summit: Liaison Officer.

-Coordinated activities and maintained an effective communication between organizations’.


March 2009- November 2009

  • The YMCA ( Young Men’s Christian Association: Fitness Instructor

- Organized and led safe physical activities for the Active Kids Program and Sixth Hour

   PE program.

- Polar Heart Rate fitness assessment coordinator.

- Water aerobics instructor and Zumba teacher.


January 2009- May 2009:

  • Lawton Christian Elementary: Physical Education Teacher.

-Planning and conducting fun, motivational physical activities for children.


August 2006- November 2009:

  • Cameron University: Fitness Center Supervisor/ Aerobic instructor.

- Resolved employee and customer matters fairly and effectively which led to high

  degree of employee and customer satisfaction.

- Demonstrated strong empathetic and listening skills.

- Responsible for planning and conducting motivational aerobic classes and managed to

   increase class size and enrolment.





March 2010- present:

  • Suriname Tennis Federation (STB): National Tennis Coach.

- Traveled with the national teams to various international tournaments such as JITIC,

    U12 team competition and WJTC.

- Ethically implemented the duties and roles of an effective, supportive coach during the

   training sessions, travels and tournaments.

 -Supported the STB during the green, orange and red ball events.


October- November 2011:

  • National Level 1 coaching course: Assistant Tutor.

- Formed a team with head tutor John Goede.

- Managed daily equipment.

- Planning, implementation and evaluation of activities.

- Conducted on and off court sessions.

- Created an effective learning environment, with fair and appropriate assessment


- Provided coaches with tools and resources that they would need in order to

   independently conduct an effective tennis lesson, where they can positively develop

   and support tennis players.


Before 2002  ( 2002 left to USA for studies).

  • John Goede Tennis Program and Witte Lotus Tennis Center

- Assisted in conducting tennis training sessions for various age groups and supported a program in Witte Lotus.



February 2018

  • COSAT Circuit with the GSDF U14 COTECC team in Paraguay and Brazil:

             Assistant Coach

- Together with Coach Michael Diaz from Guatemala we were responsible for the guidance of  five players during three tournaments.


December 2017

  • ITF/ COTECC U 14 team - Copa de las Américas in Orlando, Florida:

                                                                                                Girls Team Coach

- On and off court coaching of three female players during the team competition event, which was the first year that this event was organized by the ITF in collaboration with the USTA.


October 2013 and in October 2014:

  • International Tennis Federation (ITF)camp with Ivan Molina:

Traveling coach and camp trainer in El Salvador.

- Traveled with athletes from Suriname, Aruba and Trinidad.


August 2012:

  • ITF/ U15 COTECC Circuit in St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Tobago: Female Head


- Together with developmental office Mr. Anthony Jeremiah we were responsible for a

    team of six players.


October 2010:

  • International Tennis Federation (ITF): Developmental trainings camp coach in


- Worked as one of the 5 main coaches, together with head coach Juan Pino.

- Planning, implementing and evaluating training sessions and tennis players.

- Wrote a personalized assessment, and recommendation sheet for 6 athletes.


August 2010:

  • ITF/ U14 COTECC Circuit in El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica: Assistant


- Assisted head coach Henry from Cuba.

- Conducted safe and effective training sessions.

- Booked practice training courts and found training partners during tournament.

- Support, encourage and assist players before and after the matches.

- Create a stimulating positive environment while focusing on players total wellbeing.

- Monitored the accommodation for the team.

- The COTECC team consisted out of players from the English Speaking and Spanish

   Speaking region. So there were several occasion that I needed to translate information

   to the players.


Summers 2003-2007

  • Rod Schroeder Youth National Tennis Camp in Kenosha, WI

- Served as a camp counselor, tournament director, tennis instructor and performed

   general administrative duties.



 November 2017

  • 20th World Wide Coaches Conference- Bulgaria: Attendee

 November 2011

  • 17th World Wide Coaches Conference- Egypt: Attendee

- Got selected to attend the meeting arranged by the ITF for the Physical Conditioning

   experts and we formed a group for future development.


September 2010:

  • ITF/COTECC Regional Coaches Conference Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

                                                                           Attendee and Presenter.

Topic presented: Benefits gained with an alternative career (college tennis).




August 2006- November 2009

  • Cameron University Lawton, OK: Woman’s Assistant Tennis coach.

- Demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate goals and vision to a diverse

   group of athletes.

- Demonstrated leadership abilities by setting challenging goals and enforcing

   appropriate discipline to help team reach its full potential.

- Managed difficult situations under pressure in a team setting.